New Shenmue game on it’s way. Is a mobile phone game.

Sorry if any of you got excited by the first bit of that headline. But yeah there’s finally a new Shenmue game coming! And it’s for a mobile phone in Japan. Yahoo to be precise. The game is called Shenmue Town and will be a social network where you can share messages with other people in the town. Basically it’s like facebook with Shenmue in the title.

The strange thing is that the press release is pretty firm about this actually being the third in the Shenmue series. However I seriously doubt it would have any real tie ins to the previous games. Yeah pretty mundane news I must say. But at least it shows that Shenmue isn’t completely dead. Even if the series is just on a mobile phone in Japan, and on a game you will never play, at least Sega knows it exists. Which is a good thing, I guess.

[Source: Sega Nerds]

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  1. I wonder if Yu Suzuki in in some way involved in this game’s creation.

  2. That hurt.

  3. Never played it even when I could.

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