Super Meat Boy on sale at launch

Super Meat Boy, the highly anticipated brutal platformer, will be receiving a price reduction at its  launch, Wednesday October 20th for XBLA, extending until an undetermined date in November.  You’ll be able to buy it for $10 as opposed to $15 later on.  This deal seems to be an XBLA exclusive with no word on the Wiiware or PC versions which drop next month, but since Super Meat Boy has earned a A+ from the Sega Addicts, I would advise you to take advantage of this deal asap.

[Source: Team Meat]

  • Alex Sargeant

    Why does this happen with games I like lately? I’m going to be buying your game anyway! It looks fantastic! I don’t need you to make it any cheaper, have my money you modest fools!

  • OMG! This should attract so many people, that no one will not have Super Meat Boy.

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