Hyperdimension Neptunia announced by NISA for US and Europe release. FINALLY!

Originally titled (roughly at least) Hyper Dimension Game Neptune, NISA have finally announced this curio-rpg for both main western territories. The announcement was all but confirmed for a while now, with localisation rumours abound, but the announcement of a European release is actually a pretty big surprise for me.

Hyperdimension Neptunia is an odd game to explain, so for the official explanation;

This unique RPG features game consoles personified as goddesses, CPUs (Console Patron Units), who you can customize visually with equipment to enhance their stats. Players take the role of Neptune and follow her quest to save the captive Histoire. This leads her to face the corrupt monsters ravaging the world of Gamindustri unleashed by the evil Arfoire.

You’re also able to apparently use custom images saved to the PS3 as a replacement for Neptune’s rear emblem, as well as to summon them as powerful attacks. Also included for that very purpose are the famous Sega homages like Alex Kidd and Space Harrier Guy among others, but considering you can use saved images there’s even a chance you could summon the entire Sega Addicts team to help the console godessess stop the evil of piracy (Arfoire is a great localisation). Expect the game to arrive Spring 2011. Can’t wait for this one! After Trinity Universe this could finally be Idea Factory’s first real triumph.

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  1. You played Trinity Universe? I don’t have a PS3 yet, but I was planning getting it before Neptune was released, but since Spring a ways off I was thinking of getting Trinity Universe.

  2. (Fun Fact: This story distracted me so much I forgot I was only halfway through a Retro Review!)

    Yeah, I played Trinity Universe. It’s… awkward. Idea Factory make really weird RPGs mechanically. They love to reuse the same sound effect for explosions too. Trinity Universe for instance has two routes, but the girl’s route has a completely different powering up mechanic that’s really well thought out and rewards clever formation of equipped accessories.

    The guy’s route has just traditional levelling and isn’t nearly as compelling. The dungeons are also really bland with the worst music I’ve heard in a long time in a game. That said, there’s some really really great ideas in there, as performing combos in battle plays off the risk-reward of charging attack points well, and it’s great fun using the best combination of attacks in one string to pull off the biggest finishing strikes.

    The 3D is a little rough looking, but the 2D portraits for the characters are fantastic. They actually have a little bit of motion to them, and they are really gorgeous in hi-res. It wasn’t great by any means, but each time I play one of their games they get that little bit better, and I think Neptune really could be the game where they finally find their stride.

  3. Well it’s about damn time.

  4. Good to hear this game is coming over. Hadn’t heard anything in a while and was wondering what had happened.

  5. This is…fucking amazing. XD Just wish I could actually like…play it…

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