Articles by Alex Sargeant


Retro(ish) Review: The Club (PC)

More than three years ago Sega published Bizarre Creations’ much criticised score attack shooter and while it’s not really old enough to be considered retro it has plenty of old-timey sensibilities that makes it perfect for a retrospective. It’s also too much like Sonic the Hedgehog for its own good….


Review: Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury

In ancient times, long before any of us can remember, the N64 was graced with two of the weirder titles in the entire catalogue of Treasure games. One of those was Bangai-O, a stage based shooter where you piloted a large robot capable of firing hundreds of retaliatory missiles towards…


Retro Review: X-Men 2 – Clone Wars

If you’re anything like me, the constant talk of Streets of Rage lately has had you hankering for some more good old fashioned couch coop beat’em up goodness. I recently saw James Marsden in holiday fluff-piece ‘Hop’, which reminded me of how much they screwed him over with a terrible…