The Sega Addicts Podcast records episode 33 tonight!

Are you ready for an intensely spooooky episode of Sega Addicts? Do you believe that Dr. Robotnik is sleeping under your bed? Is there a Werehog in your closet? Do you wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and memories of Alex Kidd in your head? Were those sounds coming from your basement last night maracas being played by a strange monkey who’s also a zombie because he was bitten by a zombie from House of the Dead?

Okay, I’ll stop.

Can you believe that Halloween is this Sunday? I can. This episode each cast member is going to discuss our personal favorite horror game on a Sega console or published by Sega. It’s going to be really special.

If you’ve got some fond horror game memories, Halloween memories, or any questions or comments for us please leave them below. We need listener question brains to survive.



    I don’t have any questions this time. Just here to say, that always been a pleasure listening to your podcasts every Thur (use to be Wed). Hope Jim is in there. That’ll surefire add some spark that you guys been needing!

  • First, LOVE the new look for the header image, and the animation is brilliant. BayoSterling might haunt my dreams.

    What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in a game, and how did you react to it?

    Which cast member do you think would be most likely to be some sort of horror movie villain in disguise? Bonus points awarded for telling us what said cast member’s gimmick would be.

  • Noisetank41

    Do you guys prefer horror games to be serious or like B movies?

    What is your favorite spooky Sega song? I would have to go with Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2.

    I’m with Brett, the header image is great. Always loved the art for them but seeing it animated took it to another level.

  • goodlymike

    Have any of you ever seen a kid dressed up as a Sega character for Halloween? The only thing I’ve seen were two little kids wearing a Sonic cap and a Shadow cap. (They reminded me of the hats Kirby gets when he swallows an enemy).
    Also what is your favorite treat and or trick on Halloween?

  • Favorite scary creature/monster in a sega game? Mines the little flying guy from Typing of the Dead.

  • Manic Maverick

    Q1: Not Sega related, but what are your favourite dark folktales and horrific monster legends/lore, old or new? You know, the stuff you hear about but don’t believe because it seems impossible and too horrifying to be a reality.

    Q2: You’ve been given the task of creating a terrifying horror story, and you must use your favourite non-horror Sega characters as protagonists and/or antagonists. And stale Pop Tarts. What characters would you choose, and what would the premise be?

  • Pat Reddick

    I also want to point out how awesome that image is. I also like the border thing that you guys have going on.

    Anyway, questions:

    1. Do you think there can ever be a game (or other fictional medium) that could fall into the genre of comedic horror and successfully be both funny and horrific?

    2. Are there any games that have scared you significantly that weren’t horror games?

  • Stevie Grant

    What’s the scariest game you’ve played, that wasn’t meant to be scary?

  • Alex Sargeant

    You hear a knock on the door and you open it and there’s a skellington and whatchugonnado?!

  • GamingFiend

    Have you ever seen a shadow person?
    If you have, what version did you see? The figure wearing a hat or the figure wearing the cloak? Did it have red eyes?

  • Manic Maverick


    Have you ever seen a shadow person?
    If you have, what version did you see? The figure wearing a hat or the figure wearing the cloak? Did it have red eyes?

    I thought there were more types than that. Though I’ve only heard about the normal humanoid shapes with no real features.

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