Segata Sanshiro discusses Shenmue City

So you know that mobile phone game Shenmue City? Well only yesterday Sega held a press conference with Yu Suzuki and the one and only Hiroshi Fujioka (AKA, The great  Segata Sanshiro). You can hit the jump to find out a little more about it.

Of course the main event of the press conference was the upcoming social game Shenmue City. Announced a while age, Shenmue City was the cause of some controversy and disappointment from Shenmue fans. However this was addressed in the press conference:

“Shenmue itself is an incomplete work,. There is a story post Shenmue II. While I can’t make any promises at present, if Shenmue City is loved by users, and if service for the game continues, I believe we’ll be able to deliver those through version ups and so forth.”

Suzuki was the one who said this. I personally wouldn’t get my hopes up, but I guess the point is that if this sells amazingly well then maybe there could be more Shenmue in the future.

After the conference there was a question and answer session with Fujioka (who did the voice work for Iwao Hazuki in the game). There were some interesting parts in this session but the most interesting was the information that he also did motion capture for the game too. He also gave his personal thoughts on the game:

“To bring reality to the game, I wanted to use a real martial artist.” He felt that Fujioka, who had a dojo in his home and a deep understanding of martial arts, would fit this role perfectly.”

Of course there was more in the session but one of the things we learnt is that they really are looking forward to this project. Hoping that it could even be used as a tool to teach martial arts.

So interesting huh? You can see some of the photos from the event here. Shenmue City itself has not been confirmed for a Western release, but we can dream can’t we?

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  1. Yes, we can. And here’s to more Shenmue soon.

  2. Okay, we need to get this down right now.

    Segata Sanshiro did the motion capture for Shenmue.

    Ryo Hazuki learns martial arts to find the man who killed his father, something happens in Shenmue 3, and he returns as Segata Sanshiro That is the official plotline as far as I’m concerned.

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