Kingdom Conquest is now available on the App Store!

A few months ago SEGA gave away some details on upcoming iPhone games that they’d be releasing by the end of the year. Three of those games (Chu Chu Rocket, Gunstar Heroes, and Altered Beast) should sound familiar to any SEGA fan but there was one title, Kingdom Conquest, that was a brand new IP for SEGA. I was very interested but it was extremely hard to find any details on the game besides a couple screenshots and a basic description of the game. Imagine my surprise when I searched the App Store this morning for the game and it was available to download. And it’s FREE!

Well, I guess it’s kind of free. It’s one of those games that survives on micro-transactions rather than people purchasing the game. That basically means you could end up getting obsessed with the game and spending way more than you should or you could play it cool, like me, and try your best not to spend anything.

Anyway, I’m excited to actually try this game. It sounds like an interesting mix of Phantasy Star Online and Civilization and I’m hoping that’s as awesome as it sounds. I recommend anyone out there with an iDevice give it a try as the price of entry is absolutely nothing.

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