Splatterhouse denied classification in Germany

The upcoming revamped retro brawler (which some of you may remember on the Mega Drive) Splatterhouse is indeed going to be a very violent game. So violent that the German classification board has refused to give the game a classification of any sort, essentially dooming Germany to a Splatterhouse free existence. First of all let me state that is is ridiculous, as all the the violence is clearly over the top and not meant to be taken seriously. I will also state that the German classification board is made up of a bunch of old people who have no idea how to have fun.

Sadly, I wasn’t surprised as Germany is usually strict on videogames that dare to have a little gore in them. Hopefully one day Germany will get a system like PEGI which actually understands games. At the moment however all I can do is give my condolences to the German gamers who’ll be missing out on this innocent little gore-fest.

[Source: Destructoid]

  • I would be pissed if I lived in Germany. I believe Condemned was also banned over there and I loved that game. They do make amazing potato salad though so maaaaaaaybe that makes up for the lack of overly gory games.

  • wow that is pretty ridiculous. i have this sucker reserved and can’t wait to stare at the statue I’ll receive of Rick’s mask. good stuff. I smell a worthwhile import, my friendly german friends. Especially since you can unlock the original trilogy within the game.

  • Stevie Grant

    “the statue I’ll receive of Rick’s mask”

    Wait… when did this happen?!

  • Stevie Grant

    Fuck. You Americans get all the cool shit.
    First Sonic hats now this!

  • Manic Maverick

    [Insert something controversial about over-the-top violence and the Holocaust]

  • Manic Maverick

    [And tasty potato salad]

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