Vanquish Tri-Weapon pack out today as premium DLC

Pre-orders for Vanquish on either console came with a code to download three additional weapons from certain retailers, but from today onwards you’ll be able to purchase the pack of three firearms from console digital marketplaces for $2/160MS Points.

The weapons included are a Boost Machine gun, a Laser Cannon and and Armour Piercing Pistol. No news on any further DLC, but it’s nice to know that anyone picking up the game any time since the launch will now be able to get the extra weapons at not a whole lot of cost. I can’t guarantee it’ll stop you from fawning over your Shotgun and its incredible reliability at knocking all manner of mechanical nasties on their shiny metal asses, but who of us could say no to something referred to as a ‘Miniaturised Space Warship Laser’?

[Source: US Playstation Blog]

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