Arcade Heroes get first look at new Sega light-gun shooter and more from IAAPA 2010

That would be the ‘International Association of Amusement Parks and Arcades’, which just had its 2010 Expo at Orlando, Florida last week. A whole host of companies were in attendance, including our beloved Sega as well.

The video above is of one of their new light-gun games entitled curiously SEGA GOLDEN GUN, which is running on the same Lindbergh hardware as House of the Dead 4 and it shares a lot of characteristics, even so far as including those monkey things that love to grapple onto your face. It’s another simple automatic shooter, so you simply hold the trigger and your gun is reloaded once you run out of ammo, but there does seem to be a shop mechanic in there to exchange some of your highscore for various power-ups which definitely adds to the incentive of playing well past simply ‘I don’t wanna die’.

They also showed off the weird and wonderful Let’s Go Island, which is a sit-down light-gun shooter where you control a mounted gun instead, and is even more light hearted than the already campy Sega Golden Gun. They also had the arcade revision of GRID, which is already available out in the wild some places but without quite so many bells and whistles as at the IAAPA version.

If any of this interests you I STRONGLY ADVISE that you check out the entire IAAPA coverage on Arcade Heroes, as they have done a tremendous job at chronicling everything that was available from Sega and its arcade competitors, including what must amount to hours of video footage such as the Golden Gun footage above. Many thanks to those guys, and I hope everyone gets to see some of these at whatever arcade near you isn’t horrible.

[Source: Arcade Heroes]

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