No Podcast This Week So Listen To This: Retronauts

Ah, Retronauts, we hardly knew ye.

Recently we saw the end of one of my favorite video game podcasts, if not my very favorite, Retronauts. Hosted by retro game guru Jeremy Parish and featuring the likes of Scott Sharkey, Chris Kohler, Ray Barnholt, Shane Bettenhausen, Frank Cifaldi and many more people that I consider my idols, Retronauts managed to create a perfect mixture of nostalgia and transporting the games of yore into a present context. Since there was no Sega Addicts podcast this week I thought I’d share some of my favorite Sega-flavored Retronauts shows in memory of the brilliant podcast. May it live on in video on

Retronauts Episode 16: 03/22/2007 SEGA Master System

Looking back at the Sega Master System and trying to find a little light in the gloom. Not entirely successfully, it should be noted. With Scott Sharkey, Ray Barnholt and Chris Kohler.

Listen Here

Retronauts Episode 35: 01/31/2008 Sega Saturn

This week’s discussion kicks off in high gear thanks to a simple, provocative question: is Sega Saturn the worst console ever? (Please do not spoil the surprising answer for your friends!) Parish, Kennedy, Mielke, Bettenhausen and Sharkey hash it out.

Listen Here

Don’t be fooled by the description, they actually really like it.

Retronauts Episode 49: 09/04/2008 Dreamcast

Retronauts goes to PAX and comes back with a monster episode featuring two star-studded Dreamcast retrospective segments. Plus: Mario RPG! Gradius ReBirth! Space Invaders Get Even! Contra III vs. Gunstar Heroes! Mr. Driller music! Special guests Tycho of Penny Arcade and the crew of Player One Podcast! Hot damn!

Listen Here

Retronauts Episode 52: 10/08/2008 Sonic

Jeremy Parish, Scott Sharkey, Ray Barnholt, Chris Kohler, and Nadia Oxford combine like the Tower of Power to discuss Sonic the Hedgehog and the 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis. Now with Blast Podcasting!

Listen Here

Retronauts Episode 54: 10/22/2008 Sega Genesis

Our Genesis 20th anniversary hootenanny rolls on with a look at Technosoft’s definitive mega-shooters Thunderforce and Herog Zwei. We’re so excited we can barely contain ourselves! No, that’s not crosstalk you hear; it’s undistilled retrogaming love, convulsing from our larynxes.

Listen Here

Retronauts Episode 55: 10/29/2008 Snatcher

Genesis 20th anniversary continues with a Snatcher episode.

Listen Here

Retronauts Episode 64: 01/29/2009 Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection

Sega’s Ethan Einhorn drops by to discuss Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection in an episode that spans time, space, and the same dumb jokes made twice.

Listen Here

And there’s plenty more where that came from. Before Parish ended the show, the Retronauts crew made 99 episodes. Retronauts lives on as a video series but it’s just not the same. I’ll miss you, Retronauts.

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  1. I really loved this show. I poured on out for it on the last episode.

  2. Yeah, a great show. Shame it had to go, but the last 10 or so episodes were an uncomfortable listen with all of the host’s spite; you could tell Parish wanted out. Still, throughout it offered scholarly commentary and refused to just do the obvious – like if it was a NES retrospective, they’d talk about Mario 2 instead of Mario 3, or they’d dissect the qualities of Saturn imports before ever mentioning anything we know here Stateside.

    More meat and potatoes, but more jovial and just as engaging is the still running Player One Podcast. That’s my other go to podcast next to you fine folks of course.

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