The SEGA Addicts need your listener questions!

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and the SEGA Addicts are back to record another episode of everyone’s favorite SEGA themed podcast that is hosted by a guy with a ponytail and has a tall co-host from Seattle. By the way, Kris, is Seattle’s Best Coffee really Seattle’s best coffee?

This week’s episode is all about the Splatterhouse series. That’s the game where you beat up fetuses and smash enemies into the background with a baseball bat. With the new Splatterhouse game released last week it seems like the purr-fect time to talk about the games.

We do need your listener questions so please put them in the comments below. It will make us very happy. I’m also sorry for spelling perfect as purr-fect above.

Don’t forget that we’re giving away 10 Sonic 4 XBLA codes! The deadline is 8:00 PM (Central) tonight so get your entries in!

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  1. What do you do when you have to calm down a wiggly cat?

  2. Quick Hits!

    Waffles or Pancakes?

    Also, Francis P. Tassium as a DLC unlock for Splatter House, huh? huh? huh?!

  3. Hey, guys.

    Let’ see…

    Off topic, too soon to tell, but do you fear Binary Domorain will be as bland as it looks?

    On topic (sort of), I am viewing a lot of japanese horror/fantasy movies these days. We all know how Japan makes the most hyperbolic gore flicks. So, what’s your favourite japanese gore movie and does the new Splatterhouse live up to it?

    Keep groovin.

  4. Been meaning to ask this but who does the drawings for each podcasts? And will he take commissions for requests?

    (On topic) Jim sure did like the Splatterhouse remake Namco-Bandai did. (Well to be quite honest unlike other companies *cough* Ninja Theory *cough* they do some quite awesome games and always bring great JRPGs like the “Tales of …” series.) But anyway…

    “What’s your favorite Splatterhouse game, and why?” (You’ll probably go through this in the podcast but that’s fine too.)

    “If you wore the Terror Mask, what part of your limb would you use first if broke off that would be most useful to you?”

    “Who would you save? And who would be Dr. West?”

    That is all carry on.

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