Major Yakuza announcement due in three days

It’s quite difficult to find a relevant header image for a mystery announcement. Have this one of Kazuma as a masked wrestler instead.

The official Yakuza site lists a ‘Major Announcement on 12/16’ (according to the ever wonderful Andriasang), and light powers of deduction will reveal that it will most likely be the official release date for the Japanese version of Yakuza Of The End. This conclusion was reached as we had pretty much this exact situation last year, with the international release of Yakuza 3 being incredibly close to the Japanese release of Yakuza 4, and speculation notes it as being roughly 2-3 months from now as Yakuza 4’s release date was roundabout this time last year.

We could be wrong, but this does look to be a pretty safe bet. It’d be interesting if it was something different, but I thought I’d deflate everyone’s excitement before it had a chance to really get going. It’s just what I do.

[Source: Andriasang. Header image courtesy of Canned Dogs]

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