Here’s some Phantasy Star Online 2 info

Not a lot (if at all) information has been said of the recently announced Phantasy Star Online sequel, but finally some interesting crumbs of information have been revealed via Japanese gaming news site Shougai PSO. Now it’s only a couple of fun facts to keep you hyped until the real news starts rolling in. So here they are:

  • Development of PSO2 has been running alongside PSP2 Infinity, so the game is further along in development than some people likely think.
  • Some kind of announcement may be made around the end of April, during the finals of the Infinity Grand Prix.
  • PSO2 will not be set in either Ragol or Gurhal. Instead, look forward to an even larger setting with numerous planets as indicated by the game’s logo.

So that’s all the info we have at the moment. In the meantime I’ll be looking out for this special announcement in eager anticipation of more cool information. We’ll keep you updated.

[Source: PSO World]

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