Sega Addicts Writers Room: OM NOM NOM

NOTE: There was a problem with uploading it, because it was 17 minutes long when actually the full time is an hour-ish It’s fixed now, so re-download for a longer waste of time!

…and we’re back! Relaunching in 2011 it’s the Sega Addicts Writers Room. Everyone’s favourite waste of space on the internet! And we’re here just in case you finally got over those awful ‘year in review’ things people shove out at the end of each year to be relevant. Because that’s basically what this episode is. I am also joined by Matthew Jay (of Dual Shockers), Tom Kyzivat (of Sega Addicts art), Patrick Reddick (of the Sega Addicts forums) and Mohamoud (of Bulltoid).

In the episode itself Matthew Jay eats a lot, Muhammad has family issues and leaves, and we discuss 2010 long after anyone cared. Also Spoilers for Mass Effect 2 and Scott Pilgrim, I guess.

Download it here!

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  1. Whenever someone eats during a podcast you tell them “hey, get that co*k out of your mouth, we’re doin’ a show here!”. I’ve always wanted to say that during a show 😛
    I don’t know these guys, but they’re funny.

  2. Very hilarious podcast, guys. I was disappointed it was only 17 minutes long!

    Also, Matt Jay’s job at PAX East does indeed sound incredible. I’m jealous. I’ll be doing the same thing there, minus the cameraman. Cameras usually make anything better.

  3. WAT


  4. OK it’s fixed now. Sorry about that welp.

  5. Hahaha alight then. Time to re-download for my commute to and from work tomorrow. woo!

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