Shogun 2 Demo announced for release on Steam, February 22nd

February 22nd is going to be a pretty great day for Sega fans. Not only is the Yakuza 4 demo being publicly released for all PSN users, but Creative Assembly will also be releasing the playable demo for Historical RTS Total War: Shogun 2 on Steam, the newly released CGI intro of which you’ll find in the youtube box above. It’s also a game I happen to be pant-wettingly excited for.

SEGA and The Creative Assembly are proud to let gamers everywhere know that a demo for Total War: Shogun 2 will soon be available on Steam. The demo will allow all armchair samurai to test their skills in epic land battles and on Total War: Shogun 2’s gorgeous new campaign map.

I never knew I wanted to be an armchair samurai until RIGHT NOW. Shogun 2 will be released on PC, March 15th, and has a couple of interesting pre-order bonuses to choose between. Purchasing from Best Buy will grant you an extra 1,000 currency to kick start your national conquest by spending it on units, buildings and robo-geishas. Or regular geishas, if the robot kind don’t really exist outside of an incredibly violent movie.

Alternatively, buying it from Gamestop will unlock an entire new engagement, in the form of The Historic Battle of Kawagoe, which focusses around the Hojo clan launching a night-time counter attack on the Uesugi forces. So pick your favourite digital stuffs, and make sure to sample the game when the demo is online later this month. Or I’ll send maybe-real/maybe-not-real cyborg concubines to harass you in front of your friends.

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