Sega and MTV combat drunk driving

It seems as though Sonic the Hedgehog was not the only Sega franchise to give PSAs during the 1990s.  Sega and MTV teamed up for a commercial to remind viewers of the dangers of drunk driving. The commercial features a player driving recklessly in Outrun, resulting in many accidents. Viewers are reminded that on the streets, “you don’t get another quarter”. This commercial is a far cry from MTV’s current programing of Snookie’s public intoxication escapades.

I would love to see more Sega franchises release enriching messages.  Perhaps Tails could speak out against animal cruelty.  Aiai could remind viewers about the importance of potassium. Bayonetta could provide mammogram reminders.  What other Sega characters would you like to see giving PSAs?

[Source: Arcade History]

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