The Sega Addicts 50th Episode Giveaway Extravaganza!

UPDATE: The contest has expanded once again. Sega has just donated 3 Dreamcast hoodies to the Sega Addicts giveaway so look below to see the updated prize list! By the way, the Dreamcast hoodies look amazing.

As announced on this week’s episode of the Sega Addicts Podcast we have a lot of goodies to giveaway in celebration of our upcoming 50th episode! Not only have both Sega and Nippon Ichi graciously donated some items but we’re also giving away some Sega Addicts related stuff of our own.

The prizes are:

First place: Hyperdimension Neptunia Premium Edition & a copy of the Dreamcast Collection Limited Edition Vinyl

Second place: A copy of the Dreamcast Collection for 360 as well as the Dreamcast Collection Limited Edition Vinyl

Third place: 3 winners will receive a Dreamcast hoodie.

Fourth place: Sonic the Hedgehog Gumball Dispenser Thing 2-Pack. This was found in Tom and Mike’s closet and may be over 20 years old! An image of the dispenser can be seen above and it stands about 3-4″ high. The prize you will receive is actually a 2-pack of the dispensers still in the packaging. Once received if you videotape yourself eating one of the gumballs we may send an extra bonus prize. Oh yeah, we’ll also throw in a Sega Addicts t-shirt for this winner and a poster of yourself drawn in the Sega Addicts style by Tom!

Fifth place: 3 winners will receive a poster of themselves drawn by Tom in the Sega Addicts style.

Sixth place: 3 winners will receive a Sega Addicts t-shirt.

That’s a lot of chances to win isn’t it? Maybe you’d like to know how to enter? Just hit the jump to find out.

How to enter:

Tom has done an amazing job doing the header images for every single episode so far but he told me that he is sick and tired of it and refuses to do any past episode 49. He may seem like a nice guy on the podcast but he’s actually extremely stubborn and hard to deal with.

It’s not all bad news though because this gives us a reason to hold this contest! We need you to design/create our 50th header image! The only rules are that it has to be 500 pixels wide and it has to include the words “Sega Addicts Podcast” and refer to it being the 50th episode. Otherwise, you’re free to do what you want. Our usual header images are 275 pixels high but you can do whatever you want depending on your ideas.

After you’ve created your entry just post a link in the comments below and you’ve officially entered. The final date for entries is March 9th so get to it fellas!

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  1. MY ENTRY!

    I think it’s mean that you make a competition like this when I have zero artistic talents and can’t use Photoshop to save my life 🙁

    …and I absolutely definitely did not copy that Sega logo from Google Images…

  2. [img][/img]

  3. digitalAlchemist February 18, 2011 @ 6:34 PM


    Slightly ashamed to say I registered because SEGA’s Twitter sent me here, but this is my entry!


  4. Well im not the best with making banners but ill give it a shot…would love some of those sexy Sega prizes!![img][/img]

  5. @deadstar1 – Don’t worry so much about artistic talent. We often judge more on creativity than the artistic quality of an entry. I’m not saying that craftsmanship and talent don’t count for something but we try and make creativity the number one priority.

  6. [img][/img]

    Hi, I’m sad I never heard of you guys; but it’s never too late!

  7. This is My Trie on This Contest :)[img][/img]

  8. Here is mine 🙂


  9. [img][/img]

    I made others (drew) but this was the most successful and easiest cos I made it on my computer!

  10. Another thing I should mention is that its completely acceptable to enter more than once. You’ won’t be picked to win more than once but it gives you more chances to get something. Just don’t fill the entries with quick pointless entries as that will be frowned upon.

    Good luck!

  11. VMU :)[img][/img]

  12. I made this one, might make another, enjoy!

  13. [img][/img]

    Here’s mine 🙂

  14. I’ll start tomorrow making the banner, but i will only post it near the end, afterall i don’t wan’t to give my ideas 😛
    Peace ppl and nice entries so far.


    There’s my link. Hope you like! 🙂 Thank You guys.

  16. Do you know who’s gonna be in episode 50? I need to figure out who to put in the image. 😀

  17. @Manic I heard Bieber was planning on showing up with Team Edward if that helps at all.

  18. @Manic – It will be me, Kris, Tom, and Mike for sure and possibly Matt Jay if he’s able to make it.

  19. @John I’ll go get my red swatch palette and splatter brush set for all the blood.

    @Alex Okay, cool! Thanks.

  20. [img][/img]

  21. [img][/img]

    My go, for what it’s worth.

  22. Hey,
    wasn’t sure if you wanted the original border around the banner & hopefully this image uploader works… I think its time for me to sleep, thanks


    Awesome prizes you guys, can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to in the next following weeks!
    PS: Remind me never to try pixelart ever again~

  23. [img][/img]

  24. Here’s my submission.

  25. Looks like if you wanna see the whole thing you need to see it outside of the comments.

  26. Yeah, don’t worry about the fact that the images get cut off in the comments. We’ll be viewing them all in their entirety when we do the judging.

  27. 😀


    I might make some more before the comp ends, maybe even attempt colouring them, I really want one of those vinyls.

  28. …and the guy at the back is meant to be Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza, sorry about the triple post.

  29. These are looking awesome, you guys! 😀

  30. 2nd entry 😀


  31. [img][/img]

    *crossing fingers for a dreamcast hoodie* 🙂 hope you guys like it

  32. Wow, guys…amazing submissions. The addicts all certainly stepped it up a notch this time! I’m busy the rest of the week here, but I’m definitely going to get my submission in. Awesome contest.

  33. Image url


  34. 3rd entry, inspired by Podcast Episode 47, featuring Heidern and Pork butts. 😀


    Full Size:

  35. [img][/img]

    SEGA fo life!



  37. Hey fellas,
    I just got a letter from Francis here (loud, obscenely long unfolding sound here) and he asked me to submit this header image for him. He also found it fitting to disclaim that since he has no way of playing games, wearing hoodies, or listening to music (despite the fact that he drew himself with all of the necessary bits and bobs) that any loot going his way should be directed to me, a bipedal, non-grapefruit human being.
    Thank you.

  38. I keep drooling over that Dreamcast hoodie, uhhg, think ima make another entry

  39. Risk-In-The-Kiss February 25, 2011 @ 1:37 PM

    Well, heres my entry. I did it all quickly in photoshop so ita a bit rough..


    full thing:

  40. Risk-In-The-Kiss February 27, 2011 @ 5:26 PM

    One question from the UK, do you have to be in the states to enter this comp?

  41. Nice, I got comment #50, that HAS to be worth bonus points!

    also entry number 2:

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