Yakuza 4 lets you cheat at karaoke

Like many people who don’t enjoy singing badly along with pop songs, Masayoshi from the latest Yakuza game just claps along to the beat. Face it, we’ve all done it to get a high score, and It’s kinda funny that Sega recognises this.

If you too would like to play a mini-game where you cheat at party activities then Yakuza 4 will be available in the US this Monday, and Europe on the 18th.

[Source: Sega Neptune]

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  1. I would say that my greatest enticement into purchasing Yakuza 3 was after playing Karaoke in the demo…..”SUMMER MEMORIES” amazing song. 😀

    Its a shame the Yakuza 4 demo is just four linear fights.
    Though I will be buying it regardless.

  2. I wish this game had microphone support…
    (Don’t judge me!)

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