Yakuza Of The End delayed in Japan. New release date TBA

It comes as no surprise after the cancellation of Irem’s Disaster Report 4, but the Japanese release of Yakuza Of The End has been delayed to an unknown date, past the intended March 17th release date.

Andriasang reported this was due to “various circumstances”, and I’m sure all Sega Addicts can sympathise given the situation at the moment.

The PSN demo is still available on the Japanese PSN for anyone curious, and I really recommend checking it out. It has an incredibly different feel from regular outings in the series, and charging around blasting zombies left and right feels surprisingly fresh when inserted into the already unusual world of Yakuza. There is no Majima though. Sorry. Akiyama is a pretty cool guy though.

We’ll update you with the new information once we have it.

[Source: Andriasang]