Sega reveals new online MMO

With Phantasy Star Online, Kingdom Conquest, and PlaySEGA under its belt, Sega has become a leader in the realm of online gaming.  This trend is about to continue with today’s  announcement of their newest game Spiral Knights.  The free online multiplayer game is expected to be released April 4th from developer Three Rings.  The game focuses upon teamwork, exploration, upgrading, and MMO style gameplay.  Players must take on Clockworks, a labyrinth of dungeons that are always changing.

I’m fairly excited about this announcement.  It looks a bit like Phantasy Star Online meets Castle Crashers.  The free price tag looks tempting as well. Is Spiral Knights a game you would consider playing?

[Source: Sega]

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  1. I really like the art style of this, looking forward to getting more info on this one.

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