Make deal with the Devil at Amazon today.

For possibly today only, Amazon games well be accepting Dreamcast consoles as a trade in for a $40 gift card.  Thats what the Amazongames twitter account said anyway. And it has to be in good working condition.  WHO WOULD BE STUPID ENOUGH TO DO THIS?!?!?! That’s like cutting off your hand to receive a lemon zester.  Eat crap and die Amazon.

[Thanks to El Last Mariachi for the tip!]

  • matty

    It’s funny ’cause only a few months ago they were selling Dreamcasts (new, I think) for around that price. Almost picked it up myself.
    They’re kind of pulling a GameStop with this.

  • John Doherty

    I will buy your Dreamcast for 41 dollars, send me an email if interested.

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