Sonic the Hedgehog comic to be re-booted

The Guinness Book of World Records has awarded Sonic the Hedgehog as the longest running comic based on a video game character. With over 200 issues under its belt, Archie Comics is ready to inject the series with a boost of change. This June, the comic will undergo an experimental re-boot.  Starting with issue #226, the series will begin the Sonic: Genesis story line. Writer Ian Flynn feels that channeling Sonic’s Genesis adventures will allow the series to take on a more simplistic story.

It was a simpler time when it was just Sonic fighting Dr. Eggman, bopping badniks and saving little animals…Like those early games, ‘Sonic: Genesis’ is going back to a simpler premise than what’s running in the main series.”
-Ian Flynn

Many reviewers heralded the minimal story line of Sonic Colors in contrast to the convoluted story line of Sonic ’06. Do you think a less complex story could benefit the Sonic comic series as well?

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  1. This has me thrilled and I may actually subscribe to this or however Archie is planning on doing this. I loved the comics back in the early and even mid-90s, but they’ve really blown up the character count nowadays. Can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

  2. Having followed them since issue 0, I can definitely see why they are doing this.

    I enjoyed the simplified stories back when I was 7-years-old, but I actually enjoy the cast of characters and tangled plots that Archie currently has. I didn’t think the series needed a change at all, especially since they have the Archives volumes being put out, which include the older issues with their simple plots.

    Then again, they do have the Sonic Universe series going strong, so maybe they plan on keeping that plot-heavy while simplifying the main series.

  3. I kind of liked it when Sonic couldn’t even talk, like in the Sega Visions comic strip with Niles Nemo and a guest star winner.

  4. Stan Spurgiesz March 21, 2011 @ 9:48 PM

    Theredguy25 and ScottyMoFoSho: You both make great points from both spectrums! Hopefully Archie will be able to trim the fat from the Sonic universe while not sacrificing too much of what they’ve created over the years.


    I kind of liked it when Sonic couldn’t even talk…

    I agree. I kind of wish the games had taken that route as well, much like Link in the Legend of Zelda.

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