Forum News: Mean jokes within

Yeah, I'm on par with him this week, sorry if I offend you. OHWAITNOIMNOT.

Good day, Sega-addicts. In case you didn’t notice there was no Forum News last week. This is partially because of the essays and reading I had to do, and partially due to the game I had to review. It seems blasphemous to list those things as one in the same. For the record, they’re not, but they both do consume precious time. But that’s enough crying, lets get to the foruming. I’m not going to waste as much time as I usually do because I have a lot to cover, so stop wasting your time, join the forums, then hit the jump to read about them.

So our glorious site has been around for over a year now, which means our weekly podcast has hit 50 episodes! Thus, the 50 Episodes thread is still going strong in our forum. If you’re still feeling nostalgic about the site after that why not hit up the How did you get here? thread. Share your story of how you became a Sega-addict-addict! In case you were wondering, mine’s already in there! While you’re listening to the ‘cast, why not have a snack, like Ice Cream Bananas? That thread is one of the first that appeared in our forum, and it’s recently been brought back. The search is still on! Speaking of which if you’ve ever seen any Sega-themed treats let us know! We yearn for them!

Moar lyke dis.

The Sega Games and Consoles section had a lot of action in it over the past couple of weeks. You can get your Marvel comics fix, or vent your skepticism, in our Thor and Captain America thread. I really hope these games are better than the Iron Man games. If super heroes aren’t your thing perhaps going on an epic adventure is, in which case check out the thread for the new Genesis RPG Pier Solar. Speaking about bringing back the classics two threads came back in a big way: the Yakuza 4 thread and the Sports Games thread. There seems to be something for everyone in there this week. And if there isn’t we would love to hear what you do like, make a thread about your favourite game today!

Ever slipped up and played a non-Sega game? That’s ok, we’re forgiving people, in fact we even have a section for it! In fact, we want you to tell us about it, so tell us about it! Also, why not tell us what you’re excited for this year? Ok, it’s an old thread, but there’s still 9 months of releases ahead of us, so there’s a lot to be excited for. Like, for example, the 3DS and it’s killer release lineup! Ok, that was a joke, but I for one am excited for the machine and it’s potential.

Sega gamez, amirite?

But what of the Music/Movies/Books/Comics/Stuff section? I’ve done a lot of forum news posts, but that name never gets any easier to type. Possibly just to spite me it’s consistently one of the busiest sections. The last two weeks were no exception. If you’re someone who likes Sonic, have you ever checked out his comics? If so, get in there and talk about them. If not, get in there and learn what all the fuss is about! Also on the comic front The Darkness has a thread now. At first I thought it was in honour of that terrible band with the guy in a meat suit and a high voice. Luckily it’s just about the comic series. As always, there is the funny TV shows thread as well, for those of us who can’t read. I think that’s a pretty safe joke to make given the medium I’m using to make it.

The Bar is always fun, and it’s getting dangerously close to 400 posts in the Bar thread. That means that roughly 1/11th of the posts in our forum are in that thread alone. Scary. Who will be lucky number 400? Well, I’ll tell you next week! Q&A is still a thing that’s happening. It’s real simple: answer a question then ask another! It’s odd that something so simple can also be so fun. Finally, you save up to buy a bunch of cool stuff, but then you realize most people just don’t get it. Well, Sega-addicts, we get it. Post your last purchase here and we’ll appreciate it like your pet cat never could. Take that Princess Meow the Sleepy, you can have your birds, I have Sega-addicts!

Finally if you have a Master System you’re looking to get rid of forum member ScottyMoFoSho is looking for one. Likewise if you see someone selling one for a reasonable price I’m sure he would appreciate a link to that. That’s all for this week Sega-addicts, have a good one. I’ll see you in the forums.

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