Forum News: Vacation

Ok, I'm not in a tropical locale, but you get the idea.

Hello Sega-addicts. Apparently most of the people who write in the forums have been super busy over the holidays, and thus it’s been relatively quiet in there for the last couple weeks. It’s starting to pick up as of late, but it’s still been too quiet to warrant a proper Forum News post. So I’m taking this week off! Well kind of, I’m still taking this chance to encourage everyone to go post in the forums. I’ll be back next Wednesday with Forum News proper, so everyone say good bye to your family for a couple hours, GET IN THERE NOW and catch up on what you’ve missed in the last few weeks.
Also if you have any suggestions on how to make the forums an even better place hit up this thread and make your voice heard, or you can comment this post. If you like an idea that’s already been said don’t be afraid to speak up because the more support an idea seems to have the quicker we’ll be to put it in motion.

All challenges from last week will be carried over to next week, so get on them! For now, have a great week, I’ll see you in the forums!