ESRB confirms Monster World 4 port

Gotta love the ESRB and their inadvertent announcements, eh? Well fans of import games and the Monster World series will be especially glad as the ratings board have in fact revealed that the last instalment in the sort-of-popular Monster World franchise will finally make it to the West. That’s right, after years of being confined to Japan, the last (and supposedly best) game will find it’s way onto our consoles. Those platforms being XBLA and PSN.

No other versions are mentioned, so sorry Wii owners. For the rest of us though we can finally enjoy some new-to-us classic platforming. Bring it on.

[Soruce: Joystiq]

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  1. Y E S

    The Wonder Boy games are all excellent games; it’s always been a shame that the series died the way it did once Sonic took off in 1991. It’s been nice to see it slowly get some recognition via Virtual Console releases, but as a self respecting fan I already own all those games for their respective systems, so there’s been little need to upgrade there. This, though, is finally something I can really sink my cash into. I’ve never played this one, I’ve only read of it through fabled forum postings and wiki entries. I can’t wait to see how it all ended and hopefully with fully translated English text.

  2. …and what’s up with everyone’s avatar being changed to a white box saying “one trick pony”? Initially I thought it was a jab at my choosing Bug!, who died a pretty quick life as a platforming mascot for SEGA, but then I saw everyone’s av ended up that way.

  3. How funny, I just barely went back and finished this game, after all these years, and now to see it’s being released again!


    What a strange occurrence to happen on this particular day!

  4. Also, that screenshot is a huge spoiler! LOL

  5. The unicorn and one trick pony thing is a Word Press April Fools thing.

  6. Also:


    Also, that screenshot is a huge spoiler! LOL

    Woops! Changed!

  7. Never of this series – and apparently quite a few others haven’t as well judging that a few mislabeled it as Monster Hunter in news articles…

    This is interesting ’cause this was never localized, right? Does that mean Sega is taking the effort to do a proper job releasing it? I wish more companies took a look at their back catalog and did that.
    Kind of surprised this isn’t appearing on Virtual Console, either, as that has heaps of vintage games – and some that are relatively unknown and are actually good.

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