Tri-Ace release new tech demo to presumably accumulate interest and human drool

Acclaimed (at least by us) developers Tri-Ace have been worryingly quiet since releasing Sega published Resonance of Fate and the PS3 port of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, but to tide us over between game announcements the company have released a new rendering demo which you can see embedded above.

The description for the video does explain that the contents don’t relate to currently developing titles, so we at least know they are at work on something.  Will it be a Sega published sequel? We can only hope. Just don’t expect to be playing these characters anytime soon.

More technical information about the demo can be found at the Tri-Ace R&D site, and it makes for some damn fascinating reading if you’re curious at all about what happens “if a specular component for indirect illumination is not rendered with physically correct materials”. Or if you want to see ridiculously detailed shots of the main character’s mug. Seriously, look at it. Those are some fierce nostrils.

[Source: Siloconera]

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