Bayonetta replica glasses on sale in Japan

And now everyone, it’s for for another instalment of ‘Cool things you will never be able to buy!’ Today we have these wonderful Bayonetta replica glasses up for pre-order for Japanese people. Not only that but they also have made a pair based on Bayonetta’s nemesis, Jeanne. The glasses look pretty cool but will set any Japanese fan back about 31,500 yen for Bayonetta’s glasses and 26,250 yen for Jeanne. That’s about $320 for Jeanne and a whopping $384 for Bayonetta’s spectacles. So perfect for the rich, importing cosplayer in your life!

So that’s something cool. I always liken pieces of merchandise that looks like something that’s actually in the game. Too bad I’m dirt poor and a male. But what about you? Are you rich or crazy enough to try and get your hands on a pair? Tell me in the comments then give me a bit of your money please!

[Source: Sega Bits]

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  1. Gosh tbh i would reallylove to buy these glasses, geez I live in Turkey and i have no idea how to lay my hands on those. Not for cosplay reasons, I would wear this on daily basis :(((((

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