New Shining Force title confirmed to be in development.

This is a fantastically butchered screenshot of Shining Force. If this does nothing for you, I’m sorry to be wasting your time, but if two men staring each other down surrounded by words like ‘Dark Dwarf’ and ‘MP’ rekindles something in your heart and/or loins, this might just interest you.

Talking with, series creator Tsuyoshi Sawada had this to say;

Currently, we’re preparing a title that sums up the whole series and should provide an answer to users’ curiosity. I can’t give details yet, but I’d like to reveal it before we go too far into the future…

..We redeveloped and resurrected the name as SEGA shifted from hardware to software, and the goal for the games I’ve worked on is to target a large swathe of the userbase and do something that hasn’t been done before with the series. That’s still the direction I take today

Unfortunately that’s all the information we have, but you can be sure our ears will be eating any information they can get their grubby lobes around. It sounds strange to suggest that you’re making a game that sums up the whole series while doing something brand new, but I’m excited for any renewed interest in the series overseas. What’re your thoughts on this then, dear readers?


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  1. Yeah, not sure what to make of that, but any news about Shining Force is good news. Still wish that Shining Feather or whatever it is called would get brought over here too.

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