Sega Slots: Now that’s retro!

So, I was recently at an antique store picking up something work related when I noticed something very exciting: a slot machine created by none other than the company we know as Sega. I’ve never even seen a Sega slot machine this old and I believe it comes from either the late 50’s or the 60’s. It doesn’t even have Sega’s current logo which was created in the mid 70’s.

The slot machine didn’t have a price tag but I’m estimating it was in the $300-600 range if not more. There was an old Stern pinball machine next to it for $600 so I’m basing it on that. Still this is quite a find especially for an Iowa antique store. Whoever obtains this is a lucky lucky individual.

Readers Comments (4)

  1. What an amazing find! I really would like one of these myself.

  2. I’m such a sucker for retro stuff like this, and the fact that Sega made it is icing on my nerd cake! Mmm… nerd cake.

  3. Wow, very cool. Crazy to think SEGA never always had their caps lock blue striped logo. This would be an awesome centerpiece in any gaming room for sure. Great find, Alex. Now explain to us why you didn’t immediately buy it!

  4. Trust me, I was very tempted to pick it up but it was a little out of my slot machine budget. Maybe no one will want it and the store will be trying to give it away for free so they can get it out of there.

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