SEGA Rally Online Arcade has a price and a date

Sega’s upcoming SEGA Rally Online Arcade has been priced and dated by Major Nelson, Microsoft’s Director of Programming. On May 18th the game will be released for XBLA for 800 points, which is $10 US dollars. I think the game is coming to PSN as well, but due to the outage PS3 users will have to wait. Should be a fun game and the price point seems right.

Anyone picking this one up?

[Source: Major Nelson]

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  1. I need PSN back ASAP to review this shiz. Cannot wait.

  2. Love the SR franchise, especially the Saturn original, which I still think handles better than almost any other racer out there. Will be interested in checking this out…maybe even play a few of you chaps!

  3. If you’ve got PSN, I could play you to test out the online stuff, since I HATE HATE HATE playing random people.

  4. I’m totally tired of waiting to download this!

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