Poll Results: What is the best Alex Kidd game?

What’s the best Alex Kidd game? Well, according to our readers it’s Miracle World and I support the decision. In fact, the entire order of this list makes sense to me. Lost Stars deserves its place in last place. I feel sick just mentioning it’s name.

Enough about me though. What do you think of these results? Do they make sense?. Should BMX Trail be on top? Have you ever actually played it? I haven’t.

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  1. the next poll question should be
    “would u buy a sega dreamcast 2?”
    ans. 1- yes
    ans. 2- no
    ans. 3- need to know more about it
    ans. 4- as long as it has no motion controls

  2. BMX Trial is actually pretty fun. You need to use the paddle controller on the Mark III to play it, but it really works well. Too bad the paddle controller never made it over here, all the games that used it were quite fun (Woody Pop, Megumi Rescue) and games with optional support, like OutRun, play better with it.

    Don’t get the hate for Lost Stars though…it plays just like the first Wonder Boy in an Alex Kidd setting. In fact, I like a couple of the mechanics better in Alex Kidd than I do in the first Wonder Boy. I think because of the expectations based on how Miracle World was, Lost Stars was bound to be a disappointment. Sort of like with Mario 2. Roll with it and it’s a fun, simple little arcade game!

    Personally, I’d rank the Enchanted Castle last. Awful collision detection makes the one hit deaths almost a game breaker. I liked how it actually tried to be a sequel to Miracle World, but it just doesn’t cut it. Despite the better graphics, the choice to use bigger sprites to show off the Genesis end up actually making the game seem smaller in scope than Miracle World. Even today, AKIMW is still a huge, sprawling adventure. Enchanted Castle is more just some puffy lip service.

    If I could rank them:

    Miracle World (runs circles around Mario or any other platformer at the time)
    Shinobi World (great control, graphics and gameplay, just too easy and too short)
    High-Tech World (such a weird and esoteric game, and it’s all the better for it. Half RPG half action game)
    Lost Stars (FIND THE MIRACLE BALL! Love the dayglo colors and the arcadey gameplay)
    BMX Trial (Fun but pretty simple, not a lot of replay)
    Enchanted Castle (Frustrating more than anything else)

    Loved the poll…now hopefully you guys do an Alex Kidd episode!

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