New Aliens title being developed by WayForward

The leaks just keep on coming!  Australia’s Classifications Board just rated a new Aliens game for Sega titled Aliens Infestation. The game, which is being developed by WayForward Technologies, has been given a ‘Mature’ grade, which is all an Aliens fan like me wants to hear.

Wayforward is known for their handheld games, so the rumor right now is that this could be coming to the DS or 3DS at this point. First Shinobi, now Aliens? Now all I need is a new Jet Grind Radio on my 3DS and I can die a happy man.

[Source: Siliconera]

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  1. How many Aliens games are being developed?

  2. Looks like… Three? I’m losing count. I can’t go much higher than six.

  3. Feels to me like they’re trying to make up for it. Shoot at a target a zillion times with enough weapons and you’re bound to hit it at least once.

  4. @ Josh

    Ah the old Final Fantasy method?

    Yeah I said it.

  5. @ John,
    Oh, snap!

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