Aliens: Colonial Marines coming to new Nintendo console, Wii U

So at the recent Nintendo press conference today, not only did we get a look at the new Wii U (yes that’s what it’s called) console, but a small look at one of the games being showcased for it. That’s right Aliens: Colonial Marines will be coming to this new console.

The Wii U will be released sometime in 2012 so we have a while to wait, but we can only assume that this new Aliens game will follow soon after. As you can see from the above footage, the graphics look awesome, and I’m sure the gameplay will be up to snuff too. So yeah, that happened.

[Source: Joystiq]

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  1. It’s quite surprising that the first actual footage of the is for the Wii U. It’s looking great though and I mean that for both the game and the console. Can’t wait for either!

  2. This actually looks pretty cool, I was surprised seeing it as a Wii game. Than I realized it was for Wii U and that makes sense.

    I’m imagining the possibilities with that controller, maybe it can serve as an alien motion detector, how sweet would that be?

  3. I’ve been hearing rumors that the in game footage shown has actually been on the 360, and not the Wii U.

    This Destructoid article seems to say the same thing.

  4. Huh, hope it turns out to be great. At least we’re not seeing CG sequences anymore and companies trying to tell people they’re real time lol

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