New Binary Domain pictures and story elements revealed

Sega released some new info on Yakuza team’s upcoming 3RD person Shooter Binary Domain. They focused primarily on the two competing robot manufacturers in the Year 2080. Here is what they told Andriasang:

Within the robot industry are two major organizations: Amada and Bergen. Amada, a Japanese company, was founded by genius inventor Youji Amada and was the first company to develop human-formed robots. The first such human robot was created in 2047 as a home support robot and became a hit for Amada.

Bergen was founded in Detroit, Michigan as a family business under CEO Alexander Bergen. After winning a patent dispute with Amada, it now controls 95% of the world’s robot market share.

Following the patent lawsuit, Youji Amada disappeared from public life

They also talked about the IRTA. The International Robot Technology Agency is the UN body formed to enforce the Geneva Code, which makes creating human formed robots illegal.

They also released a ton of images showing off some of the characters, the world, and the robots that will be in the game. Hit the jump to take a look!

[Source: Andriasang]

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  1. i didnt know this was made by yakuzas team

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