Sonic helps kids exercise

Sega recently created an event called Run Sonic Run. It’s intended to get kids running in order to promote healthier lifestyles. The first event was a test run, with ten schools participating. After the kids event there was a 5k adult run. Over five hundred kids showed up to run with Sonic.

It’s always great to see gaming companies going out of their way to help the community. Hit the jump to see some pictures!

[Source: EU Sega Blogs]

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  1. sega already encourages me to run because when i get a new one of their games i run home from school excited to play it

  2. I sure hope they didn’t make that guy in the Sonic suit run. It would have crushed those kids’ dreams to watch Sonic die of heat stroke. It’s like finding out the Macy’s Santa is wearing a fake beard.

  3. @ josh
    oh wow…. that would be disapointing….

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