Food Addicts Podcast: Episode 3 – Fondues and Don’ts

After a month hiatus the Food Addicts are back! You’re probably dying to know what kind of food we ate which I can summarize in five simple letters: N-O-O-S-A. It’s delicious.

Also, Tom declares this summer the Summer of the Sandwich, from here on known as SOTS. Celebrate!

Get it here.


  • John Doherty

    I’m coming out on the pro dipping frys in mustard side.

  • John Doherty

    Oh and for an extra gross sounding yet amazing treat, try dipping your frys in mayonnaise.

  • I just had to miss the episode that has me in the header… >_>

  • Josh Newey


  • ninjajosh

    intresting meals u had

  • John Doherty

    So I just tried some Australian Yogurt. It was delightful. Great texture and much more flavorful than your typical yogurt.

    Noosa will probably always be on my grocery list now.

    • It is quite delicious. So far every person I’ve let taste it has loved it. It’s taking the world by storm!

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