Sega is developing Virtua Tennis 4 for Playstation Vita

According to Sega is working on Virtua Tennis 4 for the Playstation Vita. It is planned to be a launch title for the handheld, which will be released internationally during the holiday season of this year. There will be 22 players and it will support front and back touchpad controls. Alternatively, you can also stick to more conventional control settings. The title features many online functionalities and will even allow you to take a photo of your face in order to put it on a customizable, self-made player.

It certainly looks like a great fit for the platform! I really hope that Sega announces some more games for the system too…

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  1. Am I the only one super psyched about this?

  2. Actually, No. I’m also excited for it. The graphics look nice and I enjoyed Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast!

  3. why not release sonic generations too?

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