Hostel… Er, I mean Rise of Nightmares has an E3 Teaser

Of almost any game that Sega is touting at this year’s E3, I am probably most fascinated by what Rise of Nightmares could potentially offer. Horror titles are all about believing the fear, and as games like Amnesia: Dark Descent have shown us, nothing is more immersing than walking alone in the beleaguered hero’s shoes.

The above teaser really doesn’t show us any of the game… at all, but at the very least it delivers the basic vibe.  It’s definitely starting to feel all Eli Roth up in here.  I don’t know how that makes me feel.  I guess it’s a “wait and see” situation as of now.

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  1. It seems a little bit generic to me, but I’m still intrigued.

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