Sonic Generations ‘City Escape’ Comparison videos from E3

Gamspot has put up these two videos, where you can see the level ‘City Escape’ in both their ‘Classic’ and ‘Modern’ flavors. It gives you a great idea on how the levels will play differently. These actually make me look forward to the title even more, since the gameplay really looks great! For the ‘Modern’ Video, hit the jump! Hit the source Link for the for the full 15 minutes on the game!

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  1. Given this post, and the ad on the side (Wait, is that Sonic with GREEN EYES?! What a terrible game!), I laughed. Hard.

  2. these vids make me happy

  3. I think it’s funny how at the end of the second video the guy is talking about the license plate and has no idea what GUN is.

    20 points to whoever explains what kind of organization they are. 😛 (keep in mind that this is a lot like whose line is it anyway in the sense that the points don’t matter. Haha)

  4. gun is the military orginization in the sonic world. it was started in sonic adventure 2 and was trying to capture sonic thinking shadow was sonic. gun is made up of both humans and robots.
    do i win?

  5. it also seems like sega is sticking with first levels from sonic games, problay because they are more memorable. but then again, there are only 2 levels so far

  6. I hadn’t even realized that, that it’s first levels so far–I would hope they wouldn’t go that route for all of them, since generally the first levels in Sonic games have been pretty similar.

    I like what they did with the truck in this level! Overall I feel City Escape is one of the least aesthetically interesting levels in Sonic’s history, but it looks like it’s fun to play!

  7. i bet we will see the first beach level of sonic adventure soon

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