Here’s some Rise of Nightmares gameplay

Earlier this week at E3 Sega released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Kinect survival horror game Rise of Nightmares. It was really bland and basically Hostel the video game. Well now E3 is over and some game play footage is starting to hit the web. Unfortunately it looks like the teaser did a good job of representing the game, because it looks really bland and is basically Hostel the video game, with zombies.

Of course it’s a bit early to draw conclusions so I will keep most of my opinions to myself, but I will say I’m glad I didn’t buy a Kinect. Hit the jump to see a longer video!

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  1. eh, could’ve been better

  2. Actually looks quite interesting. The music for the first video is a really bad choice though.

  3. It looks better than most of the shit on Kinect, although I have no plans on getting one unless it is heavily discounted and if some game like Project Draco comes out and turns out great before that point in time.

  4. Looks a little more action driven rather than exploration driven, but I’m still digging it. I like some of the mechanics, like having to cover your ears during a death scream or having to wipe off the screen when debris is thrown in your face. It looks to play pretty quickly too, so who knows, it might actually work.

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