Special Announcement – 24 Hour Sonic-a-thon pushed to Saturday, June 25th

Oh, don't look at me like that...

Just in case anybody was wondering (or cared), I am still planning on doing the 24 hour marathon of Sonic games in honor of Sonic’s birthday. While I had originally planned to dive in head first on the big day itself (tomorrow), I’ve decided that it’s just more rational to push the epic session to this coming Saturday. I assume that most schedules will be more open then, and this will afford me a couple more days to finish my 20 games challenge.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions about this epic travesty, leave a comment below. As always, I will certainly include your words for consideration for Week 2’s prize (a copy of Sonic CD).

I hope this doesn’t shit on anybody’s birthday cake. We now know that the demo for Sonic Generations is getting released tomorrow, so I’m sure you’ll probably have your hands full anyway.

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  1. darn it, i was hoping to see some before and after pictures of your marathon tommorow

  2. scottamondson1 June 23, 2011 @ 4:12 AM

    prize??? what prize???

  3. theres a t-shirt and game

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