The Sun celebrates Sonic and the Sony Mega Drive

So it seems all the British news outlets have been joining in on Sonic’s anniversary today. Even laughable British tabloid The Sun even saw it fit to celebrate it too with a fitting tribute to Sony’s mascot, and it’s console the Sony Mega Drive! What a touching tribute indeed. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get hacked though because that is a danger for 20 year old consoles.

[Source: Spong]

  • Priceless!

  • ninjajosh

    thats embarrasing

  • Stooball

    They’ve already been hacked remember???


  • grolt

    Sorry Sony, Crash Bandicoot is still but a wee child compared to the almost-legal-everywhere Sonic!

  • ninjajosh

    when was the last crash game? does sony even keep him going?

  • Stooball

    Crash went multi-platform in 2000. Originally he was supposed to be a mascot for Sony, going up against Mario and at the time, NiGHTS.

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