The Sega Addicts record episode 56 tonight!

Episode 56 recording is an event that will be happening tonight. What’s up for discussion? Well, there’s some Sega news, a little thing called the Sonic Generations demo was released today, and we’ll be highlighting the Game Gear version of Chakan for our Sonic Gems this episode.

Other than that we’ll be answering your listener questions so please leave them in the comments below!

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  1. What classic or modern levels would you guys like to see in the upcoming Sonic Generations?

  2. i asked josh newey this on his 20 days of sonic post but i also was wondering what u guys thought
    if you were to order a baby from the stork and had to choose features and traits from multiple sonic characters for your baby to have, what would you choose?
    example: dr eggmans moustache
    tail’s whiny voice

    also, hav u ever gone to a gas station and had the sonic ring sfx play when they scan a barcode? i realised a gas station by me does that and i even made sure it was the same sfx

  3. Manic Maverick June 23, 2011 @ 2:24 PM

    Q1: If they did a sequel to Chakan the Forever Man, incorporating new tech, how do you think they would go about it? Story, gameplay, music, etc~

    Q2: In Chakan, if you could replace the bosses and their stages with demonic fast-food mascots, which mascots would they be? What would their levels be like? What would the grim and epic preface text say? Would Chakan end up fat after eating and become incapable of continuing the game?

    Q3: Chicken the Forever Man?

  4. oh yea, i forgot to ask you another thing
    i looked up the sonic 2 world record for highest score and managed to beat it a few months ago. i got it on tape and followed the rules and everything except nevcer sent the tape because ive been to lazy. the thing i did to get the score was i spend like 3-4 hours in casino night zone racking up points from the slot machines and was wondering if you guys thought twin galaxies would except that. they never said u couldnt do what i did in the rules or anywhere

  5. How excited are you guys to have the forums back?

  6. Do we need to register again for the forum? I can’t seem to remember my login info, and none of my emails are recognized

  7. I demand Sonic Generations Demo impressions!
    Also, why does Sonic need a car in Sonic and Sega Superstar racing??

  8. @sven
    they had this disscussion in an earlier episode and it was that sonic originally wasnt gonna hav a car but it ended up not working out because he felt too different so they put him in a car

  9. sorry for the multi commenting but this is important!!!!!! the sonic generations levels have been leaked or something by some people and the list is on game informer tell me what u think!!!!

    again, sorry for multi commenting

  10. I was about to ask about the level list myself. What levels disappointed you, which one has you most excited, and what are you surprised at seeing miss the cut?

  11. @ninjajosh
    Sorry I never answered those awesome questions of yours. I just didn’t know how to appropriately answer them in a comment.

  12. @ other josh
    yea its fine

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