The Sega Addicts Podcast: Episode 56 – Everything I’ve Seen On It Is In Japanese

Kris “py Kreme” Knigge, Tom “Two Guys One Mic” Kyzivat, and Alex “The Twisted Sausage” Riggen sit down and discuss Sega as it’s never been discussed before. There’s laughter, tears, and emotions of unknown origin throughout the episode. So relax, take a load off, and enjoy all that is: Episode 56.

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  1. anyone up for a time challenge on sonic generations demo? i played it like 30 times and got 00:57.83 as my time
    anyone wanna challenge me??

  2. 53 secs!!! thats outrageous!!! must beat

  3. i remixed ur whats going on at sega thing.u can watch it at the link at the bottom. yea, its pretty bad but i was just bored

  4. ninjajosh, that’s brilliant!
    Also, great episode, guys!

  5. i’m glad someone enjoyed my remix

  6. I haven’t listened yet, but I just wanted to comment and ask that, if possible, you guys could give a little more lead time for questions before you record the show. I always like to submit a few questions, but often only have time to check the site once a day. Many times I only find out that you are “recording tonight” the next morning, which does my questions no good! Love the podcast and your responses, so if you could give an extra day or so to field questions so more of us have a chance to ask, that would be awesome. Now I’m pushing play… 🙂

    • @grolt – We can definitely request questions a little earlier. Would Wednesday be early enough or would you like the post to be even earlier?

  7. I’ve noticed all the Chevron’s I’ve gone to have that Sonic Ring sound. Every time it happens, I look up and around trying to find Sonic.

  8. @Alex, thanks man. Honestly, the earlier the better – that would encourage more entries I’m sure, if that’s what you were looking for, but moving it back any bit will help.

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