The Sega Addicts Speak!: What Sonic game would you like to see after Generations?

It’s the final in our Sonic themed The Sega Addicts Speak! feature. It’s been a fun time indeed but don’t be too upset. Now, we can start to branch off into other Sega territory. There is no limit to what could come next! But don’t worry, we’ll use our powers for good not evil.

Anyway, this week’s question is: What type of Sonic game would you like to Sega release next, after Generations?

Mike Kyzivat: hmmmmm, that’s a tough one, because Sonic has been in many games and many Genres. I think for the next game they should focus on another Sonic R racing game. Actually I think it could be kinda a mix between a racing game like Sonic and Sega all stars racing or Sonic R, and the two player mode in Sonic 2 where you race each other through the level.

It would sort of be a racing and platformer hybrid. You would have multiple characters/players racing to the end of a level, but it wouldn’t be as linear as a racing game. Or it could switch back and forth between a more traditional racing behind the back view to a more side scrolling platformer view. You of course could take different routes through the level, not just short cuts like there is in racing games, but other players could flip switches to close off pathways and make you take the longer route. So there would be that risk reward thing going. On one hand you have the reward of taking the quicker path but the risk of another player re routing you half way through it, so it takes longer. But of course you can do the same to him/her.

I would name it Sonic VS.

Alexander Sargeant: I only have one request. I want it to be the easiest game in the series.

I don’t mind console it’s on or what style it’s in. Sonic games in the past that have failed to meet expectations for me I have still managed to plough my way through with some enjoyment. The real problem for me is that I get to stages that irritate the hell out of me with incredibly cheap deaths exacerbated by running out of lives and having to repeat the entire thing again. For once I would like a Sonic game with the difficulty of a Kirby game. I’d just love to know what that would feel like to play.

Fans are always complaining about the confusing design decisions of jumping between momentum killing platforming and hold-right-to-run sections, and I think the best way to explore what you could do with those is just to take the fear of death out of them entirely. At least for one game. Essentially it would be designed around replaying stages for score, something that the current system makes incredibly hard because despite your limited lives you still lose most of your points and rings if you ever succumb to death. Simply try to pick up as many rings as possible in the shortest amount of time, killing jokingly rubbish badniks along the way Why not make just one game where we have fun and nothing else?

Stevie Grant: I would like to see a sequel to Sonic Colours. Seriously, Sonic Colours was the best 3D Sonic game in ages and I’d love to see them improve more with this. I would like to see a revamped jump, maybe some new wisps and that’s it. Keep the tone and style of Sonic Colours and I’ll be all good too.

I’m not saying of course that Sonic Colours was perfect but it was a good start. And I really would like to see more of it in the future basically.

Sven Wohl: I want a new, 2D HD downloadable ‘Sonic Spinball’. Doesn’t matter if it’s just a remake of the old one or a completely new game, they should just do it. Plot? Pinball machines don’t need plots! Also, new boards as DLC! I’d buy the heck out of that!

John Doherty: I would like to see a ton of support behind Sonic 4 episodes. I feel like they are learning about what the fans want and are adapting to it. The episodic delivery system for the games also lends it some interesting qualities. It’s much easier for them to be experimental in a download game than a full release simply due to budget issues.

As for 3D Sonic games I’m not entirely sure. I think that Sonic has potential in 3D but has yet to see 100% perfect execution. For now I think it’s best for them to focus on finding their way back to Sonic’s roots with Sonic 4 and than translating what they’ve learned into the 3D space.

As for plots and consoles. The only plot I want is “OMG Dr. Robotnik is at it again!”. I don’t want a story for Sonic because for me that’s one of his biggest problems, terrible stories. I think that for now downloads will work as they find their footing again.

PS. Happy Birthday Sonic!

Tom Kyzivat: That’s a tough one… I guess if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. I could see them doing more games like Sonic Generations, but maybe playing around with some more original levels, like Sonic Colors. It would be cool to find ways to incorporate other characters into the gameplay, either taking turns or simultaneous, a la Sonic 2. I can’t think of anything very specific, but just a game that feels “Sonicy”. I think everybody’s tired of the melodramatic 3D Sonic games over the last ten years, so something like Generations is so simple and refreshing I’d just like to see more of that for a little while.

Alex Riggen: I want to see a game in the style of Sonic Colors on the 3DS. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed when the Sonic Generations 3DS game was revealed to be a 2D affair. It makes sense but I still want some 3D Sonic gameplay on the go. Plus, the 3D ability of the 3DS could work really well with the behind the back view the modern Sonic games have and the 3DS definitely has the graphical fidelity to pull it off.

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  1. I second John’s request for a focus on Sonic 4. Sega did an admirable job with episode 1, but their religious adherence to stale zone themes was irksome. It’s time to polish the kinks and take some chances with the stages.

  2. BTW, I adore the use of the Next movie poster in the header. Subtle brilliance.

    It’s also the best thing Jessica Biel has ever been in. A photograph with Sonic.

  3. I’d like to see something more done with the classic sonic gameplay, whether it be Sonic 4 episode 2 or a completely new game, doesn’t matter if they keep the classic sonic model in it or not, but just ditching all that work after generations would be a shame.

  4. another little big planet sonic cameo costume!! i love those!!

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