Yu Suzuki is leaving his position at Sega

Yu Suzuki plans on leaving his current position at Sega as Amusement Research and Development. He plans on focusing on his new company  YS Net. He will stay at Sega as an adviser after September. He had this to say to Gamasutra:

“In 2008 I established YS NET, my current company,” he said. “I’ll be leaving my current job at Sega this September, and after that point I’ll remain on as an advisor.”

“So I’ve formally been with both companies from 2008 until September 2011. With the new company, I’ve been doing pretty much what I personally want to do myself,”

The interview is quite long and is a great insight into Yu. I’m not sure how to take this news yet. I will be forming a support group in the comments for anyone who needs to talk about it.

[Source: Gamasutra]


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  1. NOOOOO!!!!!!! HOW CAN IT BE TRUE!!!

  2. The end of an era. It seems like he was the last to go. Hopefully he can find more freedom in his new venture

    Sometimes it’s a good thing. Hironobu Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker made some of the best JRPG’s to date, even though they weren’t super successful. But his departure from Square allowed it to happen.

  3. wait, i know this is probaly wrong but does he have the license to shenmue?

  4. Inevitable, I guess, but like Naka, Suzuki really hasn’t been a power player in the industry for several years. I still think he has some innovation left in him, and hopefully with the pressure and responsibility of running his own business, Suzuki will step it up and remind us why he’s one of the true hall of famers of the industry. Space Harrier, OutRun, Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA, Virtua Cop, Shenmue…the resume speaks for itself.

  5. @ ninjajosh

    I’m not sure because every game is different, however I’m sure Sega owns the Shenmue license.

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