Sonic Generations spindashes to the European 3DS eShop

Emeral coast

Following closely behind the North American digital release, Sega has released a downloadable version of Sonic Generations for the 3DS eShop in Europe. If you haven’t had the pleasure of blazing through Sonic’s 20th Anniversary celebration yet, you can do so for £19.99. Anyone plan on grabbing this for your 3DS if you haven’t already? Let us know down below!

[Source: The Sonic Stadium]

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  1. Spindash! Bluedash! Bestdash! Blue dude too cool for school dude! YEAH!

  2. I’m still playing through Generations on the 360. I love my 3DS, but I’m not sure I’d enjoy this game as much on the small screen. I won’t settle for Rooftop Run in anything less than its full glory 🙂

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