Want to Watch Hatsune Miku Perform “Live?” Now You Can! (For a Price)

Hatsune Miku has always struck me as a fascinating phenomenon. While essentially a mascot and voice option for the voice simulating Vocaloid software, Japan’s love of pop idols and the internet have essentially turned this voice module into a user-generated popstar. Fans have created her music, her various alternate outfits, and even her dances, making her sort of a musical Wikipedia. The concept just fascinating to me!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, Hatsune Miku is performing live (or as live as a virtual idol can be) tonight in a holographic stage show put on by Sega at Anime Expo in LA. However, even if you’re not at AX and want to watch Miku perform, you now have the opportunity to do so thanks to our friends over at Japanator! However, there is a catch. To watch the stream at 8PM PDT (or the repeat broadcast on July 10th!), you need to create a premium Nico Nico Douga account (which costs 525 Yen a month) and buy a 1500 Yen ticket. Once again, complete details and instructions can be found over at Japanator.

While pricy, a live streamed Hatsune Miku concert sounds like it would be a pretty interesting experience, even if she doesn’t cosplay as any Sega characters. Anyone planning on watching this either over the internet or at Anime Expo?


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  1. thats actually pretty cool but i wonder how big the hologram will be

  2. I might jump if there’s a Space Channel 5 themed concert…lol!

  3. they should also hav samba de amigo

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