More screens and another video of Yuji Naka’s new game!

Alright, the Fishing game for Wii made by Yuji Naka’s development team over at Prope gets some new screens. Head over to Andriasang for the full gallery! After the jump, we have a video of some Japanese celebrities actually playing the game, so give that a watch if you want to.


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  1. It seems in the first minute or so of footage from that video that there’s kind of a story component to the game, with people interacting and talking and walking around and stuff. It would be cool if this were more than just your SEGA Bass kind of thing and actually had some human elements to it. I wonder if that’s just establishing footage and cut scenes, or if some of the game will actually require you to go around talking (like perhaps buying better gear or asking around to find a better spot on the lake). That would be cool. The little controller addition that comes with the game to allow you to reel is kind of cool, too.

  2. i like the sound effect it plays when the actor takes off his glasses.


  3. The more I see of this game, the more I like it. Remember when a Sonic Team game was a big deal? Yuji Naka is awesome

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